Vintage Nylon Full Slips.

Yellow 1940/50 Embroidered Full Slip

I have recently embarked upon a buying spree or should I say another buying spree, and the objects of my desire have been vintage nylon full slips.

I have found a wonderful eBay store that sells vintage clothing that includes  slips, mostly by auction with some at buy now prices.

The biggest problem when shopping for slips (any other item of feminine clothing) is finding ones that fit my rather expansive figure.  I can squeeze into a 38 but 40 is more comfortable, I have purchased a couple as large size 42 but they tend to hang a little too loosely. I believe that the allure of a full slip is that it is figure hugging and shows off your curves (and hopeful not too many of your bumps.)   

These larger sizes are less numerous than the smaller 32/34 and when they do come up for auction there can be a lot of competition which obviously drives up the price.  I have had to abandon bidding in many auctions  when the price gets too high. Although I have pushed a few out to the limit to secure something that I really, really wanted.  

Who would believe that there is such a demand for the larger sizes I wonder who could be buying them!!?

There is an added thrill when bidding on a beautiful slip watching and waiting as the days and hours tick by and oh the joy when the auction has ended and the prize is yours or the crushing disappointment when someone sneaks in at the last minute to outbid you.

It is such a shame that these beautiful items often remain hidden beneath our outer clothing.  I love the feeling I get from knowing that, underneath a tight dress or pencil skirt and top, there is a beautiful slip unseen by many, only seen by a few.

I sometimes wear a  slip with a tight pencil skirt without a blouse   under the jacket, the number of open buttons allowing a hint of what lies beneath.

I suppose that my fascination with full slips began when, as a young boy, I would sneak into my mothers’ room and try on hers.

I guess the thrill felt as slinky nylon touches my skin has never left me but today it is more the aesthetic pleasure that fuels my passion.

I have recently totalled up how much I have spent on slips over the past few months and sadly I must put the credit card away, especially if I am to be allowed to buy those new golf clubs, I have been looking at LOL

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