On the Same Wavelength

My wife and I are generally on the same wavelength on most things but today we were in sync with regards to my crossdressing.  My wife currently works the afternoon shift so I have the house to myself from 11 am to 4 pm on the days that she works.

One from the salvaged day

I was looking forward to an afternoon of Trixy time when my wife announced that a lady from the local dog shelter would be coming to pick up a box of stuff that she was donating. She did not know when the lady would be calling but it would be sometime during the day.

Well to say I was crestfallen at the prospect of missing Trixy time, would be an understatement so I started to think of ways of recovering the situation. I decided that should the young lady not arrive before my wife left for work, I would leave the box outside the front door so that when she arrived, she would see it and take it away without disturbing Trixy.

Well, it all turned out fine when the you lady came and took the box away well before my wife left for work.

After she had left, and this is the point of this post, my wife said to me

“I am so pleased that she came before I left for work otherwise, I would have had to put the box outside the front door and text the lady to say that my husband had gone to work.”

A lovely new dress

Now we don’t often speak about my crossdressing but my wife is fully aware of what I do when I am alone at home but for here to think of the same solution to my Trixy problem as I had shows  just how attuned and on the same wavelength, we are LOL.   

After a long day in heels what better way to rest your feet than in a pair of comfy slipper LOL

Vintage Nylon Full Slips.

Yellow 1940/50 Embroidered Full Slip

I have recently embarked upon a buying spree or should I say another buying spree, and the objects of my desire have been vintage nylon full slips.

I have found a wonderful eBay store that sells vintage clothing that includes  slips, mostly by auction with some at buy now prices.

The biggest problem when shopping for slips (any other item of feminine clothing) is finding ones that fit my rather expansive figure.  I can squeeze into a 38 but 40 is more comfortable, I have purchased a couple as large size 42 but they tend to hang a little too loosely. I believe that the allure of a full slip is that it is figure hugging and shows off your curves (and hopeful not too many of your bumps.)   

These larger sizes are less numerous than the smaller 32/34 and when they do come up for auction there can be a lot of competition which obviously drives up the price.  I have had to abandon bidding in many auctions  when the price gets too high. Although I have pushed a few out to the limit to secure something that I really, really wanted.  

Who would believe that there is such a demand for the larger sizes I wonder who could be buying them!!?

There is an added thrill when bidding on a beautiful slip watching and waiting as the days and hours tick by and oh the joy when the auction has ended and the prize is yours or the crushing disappointment when someone sneaks in at the last minute to outbid you.

It is such a shame that these beautiful items often remain hidden beneath our outer clothing.  I love the feeling I get from knowing that, underneath a tight dress or pencil skirt and top, there is a beautiful slip unseen by many, only seen by a few.

I sometimes wear a  slip with a tight pencil skirt without a blouse   under the jacket, the number of open buttons allowing a hint of what lies beneath.

I suppose that my fascination with full slips began when, as a young boy, I would sneak into my mothers’ room and try on hers.

I guess the thrill felt as slinky nylon touches my skin has never left me but today it is more the aesthetic pleasure that fuels my passion.

I have recently totalled up how much I have spent on slips over the past few months and sadly I must put the credit card away, especially if I am to be allowed to buy those new golf clubs, I have been looking at LOL

Almost busted again!!!

Today I thought that I would be home alone for a couple of hours. I was undecided if I would dress as there was such a short time available. As I was desperate to try on some recent purchases, I proceeded to get all dressed up less the make-up. Having gone through the agony of getting the body into shape I decided that the face needed some attention. I applied very minimum make up and proceeded with the mini photoshoot, all the time acutely aware of the time pressure.  Thinking that I had until noon to clean up I started the process at 11:15. I was using the upstairs bathroom to remove my lippy and eye make-up with the intention of using the downstairs (better) shower to remove the remaining foundation etc.  At the last minute I decided to use the upstairs shower for the final cleanup.    Imagine my surprise when, on leaving the bathroom in nothing but a towel, I came face to face with my daughter in law who having returned early from her outing was putting our grandson to bed.

There was nothing for her to see but if I had followed through on my original plan, we would have come face to face with my face fully made up less lips and eyes Phew

This, the latest in a string of near misses, has come about as a result of my son and his partner moving in with us to save for a house of their own. This has severely curtailed Trixy time which is why I am taking a few more risks than I normally would with my dressing sessions.

Where do these crazy ideas come from?

While dressing today an idea just popped into my head that it might look good if I dressed as a girl in one of my old suits  Not sure what inspired me but it could be a silly illustration of the current infatuation with gender issues. What could be more gender fluid than a man dressing as a girl dressing as a man, confused?.


Watch Video here

The double cross-dressing idea is not the only crazy  one that has come to me in recent weeks.  The other day while pottering around E-bay I found  an auction for a lovely pair of harem/belly dancing pants. I entered a silly low bid, as you do, and thought no more about it until a couple of hours before the end of the auction when an email reminded me that I was still winning the auction.

Well the realisation that I might soon be the proud owner of a lovely pair of harem pants triggered another crazy idea or more precisely  a series of crazy ideas.  Realising that if I did win  the auction nothing in my wardrobe would match the gorgeous pants. Frantically I scoured E-Bay for all the separate items that make up a full belly dancing outfit (they were remarkable easy to find).  I loaded them into my shopping cart and waited for the auction to end, I was beginning get excited about winning and win I did.

I immediately placed orders for a matching veil headdress, bra top, hip scarf, ankle/wrist bracelets and a lovely gold pair of belly dancing shoes,   I am soon being the owner of a gorgeous belly dance outfit (pics to come).

Now on the surface my belly dancing purchases might appear to be an impulse purchase but in reality, I have fantasied for years about becoming a hareem girl so this apparent impulse buy was just making a fantasy come true.

As I have become increasingly comfortable with my femininity I find I am able to play out an increasing number of my long-time fantasies.  I was a French maid very early in my feminine journey (I still am from time to time) and on-line shopping is a great enabler when it comes to finding fantasy outfits.

So were the hell do the crazy ideas come from, I don’t know or care and only hope that they keep coming as they are so much fun.


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