Weak at the knees


Today was a Trixy day I was at the early stage of the transformation, (I had almost completed the foundation), when a courier arrived. I quickly put on shorts and T-shirt and went to the door to pick up my goodies. The courier driver was still sitting in his van in the driveway he gave me a friendly smile and a thumbs up, I return his greeting and retired indoors to open my booty.   It was only as I walked past the mirror in the bed room that I realised that my face was covered in light coloured foundation I am not sure if the driver noticed OOPPS


Any who all the outfits that I had selected for the day were tossed aside, when I discovered that the parcel was from Lindy Bop and contained two new dresses, I unpacked them and they looked even more beautiful than on the website.

I continued with my transformation barely able to contain my excitement (so to speak) finally all was complete and I stood in front of the mirror in my new dress, what I saw took my breath away, all I could see was a beautiful girl (I know I am too modest) in a beautiful dress.

I honestly went weak at the knees, and it took me a few minutes to regain my composure.  The boy side of me was gone completely subsumed by the girl looking back at me I think it was this that gave me such a shock.

I have discussed this topic before in a previous post but I was stunned to see nothing but a girl looking back at me from the mirror.   I thought I knew where I sat on the transgender spectrum but that was until I looked in the mirror today, what I saw caused me to reassess that position.


Well after a wonderful day posing in my new dresses I have had time to reflect and I have concluded that I am still just a man in a dress. Yes, I would love to spend more time as Trixy, yes, I would like to spend time out and about as Trixy but living as a woman 24/7 that must be a big fat (well size 16) NO!


Author: Trixy Deans

I am a straight CD who enjoys all things feminine.

One thought on “Weak at the knees”

  1. I too love being me, even though I am what I am, a tranny. Somehow, I am overwhelmed each morning as I am dressing, just as I have been for over forty years now. My challenge, is not just to try & look convincing as it is called, most folk know who I am anyway. It’s impersonating who I have decided to impersonate on that particular day. I only impersonate in my mind, but that actually gives a clue as to the way I am going. Until say a decade ago, my impersonations were always female, but increasingly of late, it’s my favourite folk from the trans community. I love pretending to be you, Trixy.
    I have always enjoyed knowing that my skirt is blowing up in the breeze, but nowadays when it happens, I pretend to be you. I know the places to stand, always looking innocent, often in a bus stop queue. Obviously I am never sure if I am being watched having been sussed as a tranny, or whether the spectacle of my skirt going up is being enjoyed.
    I do hope that you will forgive my trespass into your enjoyment of out of control skirts on windy days, you really dire me up with your delight.
    Best wishes


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