Purge or Cull?

Warning: All images on this page are of clothes that are no longer with us.

IMG_0050 (2)


The Post Office in our area has recently provided the posties with electric vehicles similar to a golf cart, previously they could be seen delivering the mail on bicycles in all kinds of weather.  On the way to dropping my wife at work the other day I mentioned in passing that the previous day the postie had come to the door to deliver the mail proudly parking her new cart in the driveway.

My wife’s immediate response was “what have you been buying now?”.

To explain my wife’s strange response you need to know that, our postie only comes to the door when she has a small package to deliver and most of the packages that arrive at our house are for Trixy.  My wife is fully supportive of Trixy but she does like to keep a tight rein on Trixy’s clothing budget (I have a fixed amount to spend each year) so I expected to receive a telling off for  spending more money. To my surprise she said that I needed to curtail my Trixy purchases because we were running out of space to store them.

Whilst unexpected my wife’s comment was very true, over the years Trixy’s clothes have migrated from our shared wardrobe to the wardrobe in a spare bedroom which is almost full. My wife’s comment got me thinking and on returning home I emptied the entire contents of Trixy’s wardrobe onto the spare bed (thankfully it is a large double) and proceeded to review each item deciding what would stay and what would go to the local Hospice charity shop.

This dress was so tight it took 20 minutes to get it on. CULLED

Unlike on previous occasions when Trixy’s clothes have been thrown out this was a cull rather than a purge. Girls we have all been thought the cycle of guilt driven purges when we have tried to deny the feminine side of our personalities by purging all of our girly clothes. My purges stopped with the discovery of the internet and finding that I was not alone in wanting to dress in girl’s clothes and was able to leave behind the guilty feelings.

With all the various dresses, skirts, blouses etc laid out on the bed I had to choose what was to go. Some of the decisions were very easy as they fell into the “What was I thinking” category others where not, but I had to be strong and after much dithering and a few tears (we had been together a long time LOL) I finally had enough clothes to fill a large tightly packed bin bag and more importantly significantly more room in the wardrobe.

Every one departed Sob


To prevent any backsliding, I immediately loaded the heavy bag into the car along with a box of my wife’s stuff that she had been nagging me for weeks to take away and delivered them to the hospice shop.  I am not sure what they thought when the opened my bag of clothes but I hope they judged me kindly.  The shop has an extensive window display and as I pass by each day I look to see if any of my clothes have made it into the window, now wouldn’t that be nice LOL

A final farewell to a skirt well loved

Hugs Trixy

Author: Trixy Deans

I am a straight CD who enjoys all things feminine.

3 thoughts on “Purge or Cull?”

  1. I love the idea of ‘culling’ instead of purging – I’m going to use that word from now on! However, I’m afraid that getting rid of that lovely white dress with the two gold border stripes was definitely a mistake – I love it!


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