How we suffer for Our Art

The Tape Tuck

I recently purchased a Black PVC cat suit (fantasy alert), I have previously owned a couple of catsuits but they disappeared in an ancient purge.  Many years have passed since I last wore a catsuit and let’s say I am not as ripped as I used to be, (confession, I was never ripped just a bit thinner than I am now) so I was a little worried that I would look like the Michelin man. My other worry was the tightness in the groin area and the tuck or not to tuck conundrum.

Over the years I have controlled (or not) the unsightly bulge using a variety of methods, gaffs tight undies etc, but have rarely resorted to the “tape tuck”.

No tape used here 

I was never brave enough to apply gaffer tape to my neither regions on a regular basis, my rare attempts resulted in pain and discomfort mainly because I had not shaved down there.  l decided that if I were to do this new catsuit justice I should smooth out the bulge in the best way possible.  So it was that, after intense research on YouTube, I denuded my nether regions bought some gaffer tape (well masking tape actually, as I am still a bit wary of applying very sticky gaffer tape down there.) and attempted the “tape tuck”.

I tried the “tape tuck” a couple of times with reasonable results, it was a little uncomfortable but I think I achieved the required look. Buoyed by this limited success I decided that today was the day to model the new cat suit. After a quick review of the YouTube training videos, I proceeded to perform the “Tape tuck” and was very pleased with the results (ref pictures on this page). As I had completed the tuck at the start of the session I still had to apply makeup, strap on the old corset, attach boobs etc, which as we all know takes a bit of time, during which something must have moved down there.

My studio/office is on the first floor and  as I slowly climbed the stairs, in my heels, I notice a dull ache emanating from my left testicle.   While setting up the camera, with the pain slowly increasing, I suddenly developed a tickle in my throat. The first cough resulted in a sharp excruciating pain in my aforementioned naughty bit and all this before I had taken a single picture. I quickly realised that this would be a short and not so sweet photo shoot. I set the camera to auto shoot and tried to look gorgeous with the increasing pain in my groin.


Well as most of you will know, trying to stifle a small cough usually results in larger and more frequent ones, the ensuing coughing fit was accompanied by sharp pains emanating from my tortured left testicle.Four more quick pics (one of which caught me mid wince) and the photo-shoot was over.  I will not go into detail of how quickly and inelegantly I de-tucked, I did retain sufficient control to ensure that no skin was lost in the process and the feeling of relief was simply orgasmic (not really orgasmic but the lack of pain was blissful).


In conclusion, we girls will continue to be faced with the “to tuck or not to tuck” dilemma, after this experience I will be wary of the tape tuck but I do love to wear tight dresses and skirts so I must continue to pursue the perfect tuck, tape or otherwise.






Author: Trixy Deans

I am a straight CD who enjoys all things feminine.

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