Kids !!!


This is a story from last year but it made me laugh at the time and perhaps you also might find it amusing.

My eldest son is coming home to live for six months so that he and his girl, friend can save for a deposit on a house. While over the other day he was scouting out which of the spare bedrooms would best suit his needs.  One of the bedrooms contains the built in wardrobe that is bursting at the seams with my wife’s and Trixy’s clothes but mostly Trixy’s

My son later commented to my wife, that I bet you never wear any of the clothes in the wardrobe after all they look like they are from the eighties.

The eighties how dare he talk about my clothes like that

My wife and I had a little giggle that night as he had no idea who’s clothes he was commenting on.


This story does raise an important issue for us gurls, should the children be told about our feminine persona. As I have no wish to live full time as a girl or transition I don’t see the need for them to know. I love my time as Trixy but it can be a little lonely at times being on my own. There have been occasions when Trixy has come close to being discovered by one or more of my children, there are 5 of them so the odds are quite high. There have been other times when I  was  hoping to be discovered especially when I thought that I looked quite hot at the time.

My biggest fear is being caught in mid-transition from girl to boy, that time when the support structure is coming down and you are starting to look like a man in a dress (or bra and nickers with a fat belly) instead of the gorgeous girl you were just a short time before.



My children do not know about Trixy not officially anyway but I do think my youngest 3 sons sort of know. Some years ago, I spent a period working overseas on my own, it was when Trixy was starting her journey. Living on my own I was able to dress at will and had even started to take some pictures. My sons came to visit during the school holidays and I underestimated their computer literacy (they were 9 10 and 11 at the time). I did take some precautions with my computer and thought that I had hidden the pictures but the little buggers found some of them.  I did not know about this at the time but the odd comment over the years has convinced me that they have seen pictures of me as Trixy.

I am sure that if my boys ever found out about Trixy it would be one of those, we always knew Dad moments.  I am not sure about my daughter thought she is the eldest and a bit of a prude.


The boys are good a keeping secrets though as illustrated a couple of years ago when one of our sons came out. His elder brother had caught him  pashing one of his school mates, (they were about 16 years old at the time) and he kept it a secret for nearly 10 years.

Speaking as a straight crossdresser, the decision to tell friends and family is a big step but we must be aware of what affect it can have on them. We have to be careful not to be selfish and put our need to tell someone over their ability to understand who we are.

I don’t see that my family, other than my wife, need to know about Trixy and cannot see a time when I would be comfortable around them in Trixy mode.

Author: Trixy Deans

I am a straight CD who enjoys all things feminine.

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