Where do these crazy ideas come from?

While dressing today an idea just popped into my head that it might look good if I dressed as a girl in one of my old suits  Not sure what inspired me but it could be a silly illustration of the current infatuation with gender issues. What could be more gender fluid than a man dressing as a girl dressing as a man, confused?.


Watch Video here

The double cross-dressing idea is not the only crazy  one that has come to me in recent weeks.  The other day while pottering around E-bay I found  an auction for a lovely pair of harem/belly dancing pants. I entered a silly low bid, as you do, and thought no more about it until a couple of hours before the end of the auction when an email reminded me that I was still winning the auction.

Well the realisation that I might soon be the proud owner of a lovely pair of harem pants triggered another crazy idea or more precisely  a series of crazy ideas.  Realising that if I did win  the auction nothing in my wardrobe would match the gorgeous pants. Frantically I scoured E-Bay for all the separate items that make up a full belly dancing outfit (they were remarkable easy to find).  I loaded them into my shopping cart and waited for the auction to end, I was beginning get excited about winning and win I did.

I immediately placed orders for a matching veil headdress, bra top, hip scarf, ankle/wrist bracelets and a lovely gold pair of belly dancing shoes,   I am soon being the owner of a gorgeous belly dance outfit (pics to come).

Now on the surface my belly dancing purchases might appear to be an impulse purchase but in reality, I have fantasied for years about becoming a hareem girl so this apparent impulse buy was just making a fantasy come true.

As I have become increasingly comfortable with my femininity I find I am able to play out an increasing number of my long-time fantasies.  I was a French maid very early in my feminine journey (I still am from time to time) and on-line shopping is a great enabler when it comes to finding fantasy outfits.

So were the hell do the crazy ideas come from, I don’t know or care and only hope that they keep coming as they are so much fun.


Author: Trixy Deans

I am a straight CD who enjoys all things feminine.

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