About Me

I am a straight CD who enjoys all things feminine. I don’t get out much though my wife and I have lots of fun at home.

6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hello Trixy. I adore your delight of what you enjoy. I love seeing your flicr pics as well as your video clips. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Best wishes for everything that you face as issues.


    1. Thank you Shirley for taking the time to comment on my blog its a new thing for me and I am not that confident here, not like Flick and you tube where I have become a lot more relaxedt. Its nice to know that someone is listening and I am not just screaming into the darkness LOL

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      1. We each have issues to cope with, the very nature of how we are creates issues. You are most welcome to share anything with me privately, which will always be in strict confidence. Sharing widens our ability to handle whatever comes along, scouts or guides, hey!
        I only have a handful of very close-share friends. Sometimes, it’s deciding what can be shared as once a secret is out, it won’t go back into the bottle. It’s seeing you enjoy so much of what I enjoy that thrills me. When I say share, I mean anything, even it’s to bounce an idea or an anxiety off. I have no idea of your current location, neither should I but in signing off, it’s nearly 4pm Saturday here in Warwickshire. Please have a lovely rest of the weekend.


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